Perth buyers looking for a new home should take advantage of having plenty of choice in the current market.

At times when demand outstrips supply, buyers are often forced to buy a property that might not quite suit their short and long term needs but now you have the freedom to shop around for the perfect fit.

A good time to buy

Healthy stock levels and record low interest rates provide the ideal buying environment for all buyer groups including first home owners and those looking to trade up. Not only will you find that there are some great buys out there, you’ll also notice the improved quality of properties within your price range.

It is less likely you’ll need to compromise on location of the property, size of the block and home, access to amenities and the floor plan of the home when the market offers you more choice.

Don’t wait too long

Don’t try too hard to pick the bottom of the market. This is never a specific date and buyers who hesitate too long expecting the market to fall often find themselves buying when the market begins to rise and supply falls. It’s much harder to find your dream home at the right price in these conditions.

Seek professional advice

If you’re in the market for a new home or are thinking about making a move sometime this year, speak to REIWA agents in the suburbs you’re considering. Agents can keep you updated when properties that fit your criteria come onto the market.

You could also consider employing a buyer’s agent. They’re well placed to research and identify the most appropriate properties for you according to your needs. They can also take care of the negotiation for you and undertake thorough diligence on the property.

As the saying goes “opportunity knocks but once” so make the most of current market conditions but don’t hesitate to make an offer on the desired property because if you like it, there’s a good chance other buyers will too.

Source: REIWA President Hayden Groves